Announcing the $500 HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017!

It’s finally time! With the launch of, we are proud to be hosting our very first Montage Contest!

This website has been a long time coming, and it has had many highs and lows in the year of its development (remember that time the entire website disappeared? Good times…), but we are finally in a place that we can host a Montage Contest!

Our goal of this contest is to get the Halo community back into the Montage state of mind, and we encourage anybody and everybody to enter their videos. Submissions begin right now and will be open until the end of November. Each montage that is submitted will receive a full length review on HaloisBack, as well as some other perks that we will be rolling out in the next few weeks. The winner of the contest will receive $300, with that number increasing based on sponsorships / donations. We also have prizes for second place, third place, and special categories which will be announced this week. Did we mention that we are giving away $25 prizes to three random entries just for entering the contest?!

We highly encourage the community to share, donate, and of course participate in the event. Any donations that HaloisBack receives from now until November will be put towards the Montage Contest prize pool (unless you specifically state otherwise in your donation message).

You can donate to the contest here

We are also actively looking for sponsors of this contest, as all of the prize money, marketing, and development cost is coming straight from our pocket. If you would like to sponsor this contest and get recognition for your contributions, please reach out to us at , or on our Twitter.

We are excited to get this event rolling, and make sure to keep checking HaloisBack for news, updates, and surprises along the way!

This is just the beginning.

Happy Montaging!



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