CLOUDS – A Halo 3 Montage

VeNoMz and Str0kd bring us an awesome Halo 3 montage entitled “CLOUDS”. The editing by Str0kd is beyond smooth and puts you into the Halo 3 action in a unique way that we haven’t seen before. The soundtrack, color correction, and sound effects bring the clips to life, and the video just has an overall dreamy feel to it that is hard to capture. The angle work is also absolutely astounding.

On the gameplay side you have VeNomZ bringing the heat with his classic Halo 3 Snipers clips. I personally feel amazing when I get a killtacular in Halo 3 Team Snipers, but he gets Jaros like it’s his job. If you want to see one of the best snipers in Halo 3 do what he does best, make sure to check out this montage!

10/10 would watch again.


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