Delta Nades U – ECHOES (Contest 2017 Entry)

The first entry of the HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017 is in! This video features gameplay from Delta Nades U with editing from Broseidon & Phoenix.

Let’s check it out!

This video starts off with a bang! Well, it starts off with our Official Montage Contest 2017 Intro, which automatically makes this an awesome intro! The transition from our intro into the actual montage intro is flawless, and the sound effects instantly create a feeling of “holy shit this is going to be sick”. Spartans are flying, crying, and getting blurred out left and right. It’s a fireworks display of death and destruction… and it’s beautiful. Crown the Empire adds to the atmosphere with the first song of the video, and we get about a minute and a half of teaser material for the actual video. The intro is very professionally made and adds a sense of hype with a sense of polish. The angles without HUD are just an extra cherry on top of the rest of this intro.

After the intro we get hit with almost a music video type series. August Burns Red follows up Crown the Empire on the setlist with much heavier instrumentals and powerful vocals. The gameplay is a series of objective based gametypes that turn into Extermination fests. Are these spartans or dinosaurs? Either way, Delta comes in like a goddamn meteorite and exterminates them all. Clutch sniping, accurate plasma grenades, and expert map awareness are highlighted early on. The editing does a great job of keeping up with the music, and subtle effects are overlayed on top of the footage to add the feeling of speed without destroying the clips to accomplish it. The sound effects, screams, and weapon sounds are a fitting addition to the atmosphere of the video and draw the viewer deeper into the montage. Angles are used often and effectively to keep the flow of the video going strong.

This entry does a great job of interacting with the music. So many Halo montages out there have clips, effects, and then a song thrown on the top just because they have to. This montage really feels like the music has an emotional connection to the creators, and that connection allows the viewer to live vicariously through the video and really experience what it felt like to make this montage.

Just when you think it’s over (those that didn’t cheat and look at the timestamp, that is), Phase 2 begins! Another August Burns Red song comes on, sounding much calmer. It quickly picks up where the last one left off, however, and we’re back on a highway to hell and high water (and high multikills). The clips, the editing, and the overall feel of this part feel much like part one, but they definitely have their tinges of uniqueness. The bloodlines on the screen, the spartan launching to outer space, and the editor’s playful touch on the clips with Delta dying while simultaneously hitting a clip are all fun and unique. The montage ends with a fury of amazing gameplay, and then an abrupt but much deserved credits roll.

All in all, this montage is incredible and we are honored to have this in the HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017. Best of luck in the contest, boys!

Submission Details:

Title: ECHOES – MLG Halo Reach Montage 2

Gameplay: Delta Nades U

Editor: Broseidon and Phoenix

Gameplay Social:

Editor Social:


Gameplay 9.5
Editing 9
Soundtrack 9.5
Uniqueness 8
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