Everything You Need to Know About the Update Infinity’s Armor

The New 2016 Update For Halo 5 Has Been Announced, called Infinity’s Armory! New Weapons, Gear, And Maps!

Infinity’s Armory, the new free content update for Halo 5: Guardians is coming! It introduces new maps for Warzone and Arena, as well as new weapon skins, armor, and assassinations. The expansion is said to launch some time at the end of January, but 343 hasn’t announced the official release date. Just keep your helmets on and keep your eyes pealed for the release date!

The new maps you will get are Urban and Riptide , and one of the fresh Reqs is a Halo 2-era Battle Rife (343 says, “Party like it’s 2004!”) New Carbine Reqs will be Blood of Suban and Rain of Oblivion, with the new armor, Achilles and it’s said to look bad ass!

Here are the new assassinations called “Wind Up” and “Stop Stabbing Yourself”

Wind Up:

Stop Stabbing Yourself:

If this wasn’t enough excitement for you Spartans, there is more details on Infinity’s Armory found on Halo Waypoint.

Infinity’s Armory follows two previous free expansions that launched after Halo 5’s release in October: Battle of Shadow and Light (November) and The Cartographer’s Gift (December)

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