The Halo is Back Montage Review System

Hello everyone! As we are reviewing a lot of montages every week, we decided that a rating system explanation article would be a good idea so that all of you guys can understand how the rating and review system works here at Halo is Back!

For starters, each montage that is reviewed is assigned a “Tier”. This is our way of separating videos from each other so that they can receive a fair rating and review based on the type of video it is. For example, when we review a montage like SpartanTheDogg’s Halo 5 Montage edited by Snipetality we aren’t going to use the same rating and review system for a montage from a first time editor and montage maker. It just doesn’t make sense to do that. Snipetality has years of professional Halo editing under his belt, he uses the best programs and has the best presets, while “Spartan32030452” is using Windows Movie Maker to edit his first ever Halo montage recorded exclusively with the Xbox DVR and rendered in 360p because that is all his computer could handle.

That being said, the Tier system allows us to review montages in a fair, constructive, and hopefully helpful way as to allow the editor, the clip provider, and the viewer learn something about montage making along the way. We completely understand that not all montages are created to “show off”, or to win a montage contest, and we will review those videos in a tier that will respect that and allow for some decent discussion around those videos.

Let’s get to the tier system!

Tier 1 – These are the best of the best videos. These are the videos that you see trailers, tweets, and forum threads created for months in advanced. These are usually videos edited by Halo montage veterans with years of experience under their belts, and gameplay from some of the best players in the game. For some examples of these from the gameplay side we have: Hyena, Mint Blitz, PhuRion, Lost in Time, and many , many more. These videos can also feature gameplay from a professional player or someone who hasn’t made a montage before, but the editor can more than make up for that. A few of those editors who bring their video the tier 1 place would be: Snipetality, Muggsy, CJ, and more. These videos will be rated with much higher standards than the other tiers.

Tier 2 – This is the tier with the most variety. These can be high quality videos from some players and editors newer to the game, or they can be “leftover” or “fun” videos from the more established and known montage makers. These are the videos that shoot to be very well made, but they aren’t going to win any competitions and the makers probably knew that going in. We will update this tier with examples as we review them on the website!

Tier 3 – This is the section for our newer montage makers who are just getting into the scene, or who make their videos using less than optimal setups. These reviews will be strongly based on suggestions, tips, tricks, and overall be much more of a “how to get better” article than a “this montage is a 2/10” article. We strongly encourage Halo community members to submit their montages to us, especially when they are in this tier, because we want to see the community grow and we want to help you create better videos.

The Rating System –

Montages are rated based on 4 key criteria. These criteria all carry equal weight in the final numbered rating, and they are all rated on a scale from 0 – 10. A breakdown of what each criteria entails is down below.

Gameplay – This is simply the rating of the gameplay included in the montage. Gameplay will be judged based on the tier and the type of gameplay included. For example, a Halo 5 Warzone montage will be judged as such, and a Professional Halo 5 Player’s montage will be judged with different gameplay criteria in mind. It doesn’t make much sense to say “this montage had great clips against pro players, but there weren’t any warzone clips so we are going to give it a 5/10 for gameplay”. On the flip side, it isn’t fair of us to take points off of a social montage for not featuring clips on professional players.

Editing – Editing is what ties a montage together. It controls everything that the viewer sees, and it allows for the editor to highlight certain plays and moments inside of the montage. The editing also controls the flow of the montage and can make or break a video based on the amount of effects used and the placement of those effects.

Soundtrack – We will never take points off for the type of music chosen for a video. This section is based solely on how the soundtrack ties the montage together, and how the video flows from song to song. It also takes into account the gameplay audio levels, the announcer sounds, and any sound effects added.

Uniqueness – This is one of our favorite categories here, because it takes into account the personality of the montage. Uniqueness can be applied to all of the other categories, and it allows for us to reward those montages that go out of their way to be unique and have their own feel.

Please feel free to submit your montages to Halo is Back for review either via Twitter or our Contact Page.

Happy Montaging, Spartans!

– Halo is Back

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