Scace in “Rhymes with Orange” – Edited by Fud

The answer is simple: Borange. This montage, however, is anything but simple.

Gameplay 8
Editing 9.5
Soundtrack 9
Uniqueness 9
REVIEW Overall Rating (Tier 1)

This video starts with a very colorful intro with a relaxed beat in the background. The first thing that you will notice about the editing aside from the colorful visuals is the audio. Game sound is only played on each shot of Scace's weapon, and the shots sync perfectly with the beat. Offbeat moments are generally used to throw in some beautiful Halo 5 angles. The thing that we find most enjoyable about the editing in Part 1 of this video is the use of speed manipulation. Often times you will find editors who use far too much slow motion / fast motion on clips to sync with the beat, but in Rhymes with Orange we find Fud using speed manipulation only to enhance the experience that we are witnessing on the screen. The audio, visuals, chill vibes, and gameplay make part 1 a great introduction to the video. Did you see that sticky launch in the beginning of the video?!Part 2 is short, sweet, and simple. You will find yourself noticing a slight atmospheric difference from Part 1, and you might think that it's due to the music - but it's not. The gameplay audio is used in a slightly different fashion in this part titled "Intermission". Fud has included the final shot audio again in each kill, but he has taken out the multikill announcer and it creates a completely different ambiance from part 1. The clips are again great in this part, one of which being a quick scope Killimanjaro on Plaza and a disgusting no scope Triple Kill into un-scope Killtacular on Pegasus.Part 3 features much of the same in terms of atmosphere and is a great sendoff to this montage. We find huge multikills in this section along with some more beautiful angles and clean editing from Fud. The Killionaire spawn kill is hilarious, as Scace literally pins his opponents in the corner and exploits the spawn system in Halo 5. We end this video with a credits screen and some very vintage text as the screen fades to a logo.All in all, this is a great Halo 5 montage and it gives off an amazing atmosphere and ambiance. It almost feels like you are watching this video in Eric Forman's basement from That 70's show, some lava lamps around you, and not a care in the world. If you are a fan of Halo 5, or just need a chance to relax and see the world of Halo multiplayer from a different perspective, you will love this montage.Great job boys!

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