Spartan Halo Montage – Edited by Snipetality

SpartanTheDogg’s Halo Montage is finally here! Snipetality is a staple name in the professional Halo player montage scene, and he delivers another epic montage with this installment.


Gameplay 8.5
Editing 9
Soundtrack 7.5
Uniqueness 6
REVIEW Overall Rating (Tier 1)

Intro –This intro is absolutely beautiful. It may be a bit heavy on the sponsors / affiliates, but that’s the price you pay when you’re getting a nearly 20 minute masterpiece absolutely free. The atmosphere in which Snipetality creates in the intro is one that we are familiar with from other professional players’ videos, but it is a formula that could be used one hundred more times and it would still send shivers up our spines. Clocking in at two and a half minutes, the intro delivers real life footage, event footage, commentator voice overs, and clips from both competitive games of H2A and Halo 5. The intro basically says “get ready, this is going to be a doozy!”First Song –The beginning of the first body song starts with a huge vocal line from “Showdown” by Pendulum. It’s almost like someone forgot to turn their stereo off while talking on the phone with someone as the announcers cut through the track, hyping up Spartan’s every move in the first clip of the montage. From here the video speeds up and we get a plethora of awesome H2A gameplay with some really nice effects and transitions. The transition at 3:48 is possibly the most unique transition / use of angles we’ve seen in H2A. It’s so simple and subtle, but when you see it for the first time it actually makes you jump back a little because it feels 3D. A Killtacular Extermination on the legendary Ogre2 definitely justifies a clip as well edited as this clip was. The tournament clip placed at 4:02 is much like the first clip in the song in terms of the actual play, but this clip occurs in a very close match and Spartan clearly pulled through to win the game for his team. This clip felt even more hyped up than the first live clip that we saw in this song. The rest of this song goes in typical Snipetality fashion, and it’s awesome.Second Song -The second song is “Colourblind” by Hands Like Houses. This song has been playing on the radio a lot since it was released, and we just knew it would make a perfect montage song. Snipe and Spartan do this song great justice (capture the flag jaro?!), and the gameplay and editing fit perfectly. Snip3down also gets embarrassed, and Snipetality isn’t subtle with this fact (and we love it!). All in all, this song really sets the mood and the tone of the video, and the sniper spree live clip that is shown is the best live capped clip that we’ve seen in the video so far. In one word, this piece of the video is HYPE! This is one of those pieces of Halo Montages that make you proud to be a community member for this amazing game.Third Song -We go back to the more electric style of the first part of the montage with the third song “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum & Celldweller. The pace is fast, the clips are good, and the music drives everything in this part. Of all of the parts this one probably has the most clip variety and the least editing variety, and it works perfect. The H2A part of this montage gave Snipetality a chance to show that he is still one of the best around, especially in the transition game. This song really lets Spartan shine, and it’s a great fit for the third song. The Halo 5 sound FX are stunning during this section. This part in one sentence: “And there’s the teabag!”.Conclusion -The credits are your typical Montage credits with some chill music from X Ambassadors. They give you some time to wind down and really process the rest of the video. All in all, this montage does not disappoint and huge props go out to SpartanTheDogg and Snipetality for putting such a great video together. We hope to see a Part 2 in the future!Well done, boys. Well done.

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