Why is Master Chief’s Armor so Different from Halo 3?

One of the most asked questions ever since the release of Halo 4, has been “Why is the Master Chief’s armour so different from Halo 3?” Well, lucky for you, I’m here to answer that question! I’m Arby from Halo Is Back and this is what I could find on this topic.

First off, we have to look at the lore side of thingsa to find out why this is still reffered to as Mk VI Armour, rather than a new set or Mk VII. Within the Halo Canon, Cortana said she modified the armor while he was in cry sleep aboard the famed UNSC ship, Forward Unto Dawn. ALot of fans were confused as to how this happened, not sure as to whether the Chief had actually gotten out of the cryo tube beforehand or did 343 just not like the old armour.

Well, as we find out in the other books/comics, it is revealed that all MJOLNIR armour actually contains a form of Nano-Technology! Yes! Thats right, Nano-Technology! Despite this never being mentioned before in the Halo Universe (at least to my knowledge, please correct me if I’m wrong) all MJOLNIR suits have built in Nano-Technology that have the ability to upgrade armour systems and update old equipment to new, which explains how his Assault Rifle goes from the MA5C to the MA5D.

Nano-Technology (for those who don’t know what they are) is a microscopic robot that is able to insert itself into nearly any particle or micro-organism (such as blood cells which is seen in the popular television series Arrow) and change it in a variety of ways. The fact that MJOLNIR armour contains this would mean that in reality, the Master Chiefs armour should not have the indent in its chest piece which was caused during the opening sequence of Halo 3 because it should have been regenerated!

Nano-Technology (for those who don’t know what they are) is a microscopic robot that is able to insert itself into nearly any particle or micro-organism

However, as you all know, this isn’t the first time Chief’s had his armour overhauled. In between Halo: CE and Halo 2, the Master Chief received a new set of armour, upgrading his Mk V to Mk VI after his old SPARTAN-II comrade, Maria-062. The Master Chief had also minor armour changes between Halo 2 and 3, which are now explained by this nano-technology.
One thing that annoyed alot of fans (such as myself, but I wasn’t too bothered) was that in the flashback scenes of Halo 4, Spartan II’s were seen using the Mk VI Gen. II armour in action sequences against Sangheilli and Jiralhanae forces.

It is possible that 343i intended for the Chief’s variant of Mk VI armour to be a one-off and could probably use something forerunner-like to explain how his armour is different to the Mk VI seen in the Multiplayer/War Games which by the way, are confirmed canon.

All in all, 343i really just wanted to have their own era of Chief, and the armour, might I say, is really good looking and actually makes him look like a Super Soldier, rather than a robotic beastly looking demon, but they needed to use things within the canon of Halo in order to cover up their change!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and support the Halo Is Back team! As always, have a good day, SPARTANs. (Or Sangheili if you dig that.)

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