HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017

Welcome to the HaloisBack Montage Contest for 2017! On this page you will find everything that you need to know to enter, vote, share, and enjoy the Montage Contest in all its glory!

This page will be updated as the contest goes on, so if you ever have any questions about the contest this is the best place to get a quick answer!


Type of Videos Accepted:

Halo Montages from ANY HALO GAME are allowed (this includes any Halo game on the Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One Console, or PC)

Type of Audio Accepted:

Any audio will be accepted, even if you cannot monetize the video due to copyright reasons. We aren’t paying you for the audio in the video or the rights to your videos, we are giving out prizes to our favorite creations. That being said, if your video gets muted on YouTube it is up to you to get your audio back in working order before you can enter Contest 2017. No montages with copyright flags / infringement will be accepted as that puts HaloisBack.com at risk just as much as you.


All entries must include the HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017 intro (download here). You may edit this video however you would like, but the video must clearly show the "Montage Contest 2017" badge and HaloisBack.com at some point in the video. No other HaloisBack references are necessary, but they are definitely appreciated!

Where to Host Your Montage:

We do NOT host montages on HaloisBack. Instead, we opt to use YouTube and allow you to host your own videos. We are a place to share your content, not steal it. That being said, please provide a public YouTube URL to your montage when submitting.

How To Win Prizes:

There are many ways to take home some prize money from the HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017! There will be judges who rate each montage and put them into heats for the community to vote on. The judges are there for the sole purpose of making sure that each voting round is as even and fair as possible.

The community will be the voice of the montage contest, and will ultimately decide the winners. Each week after the deadline will host a series of polls to eliminate montages and push the videos with the most votes into the next round.


Voting isn’t strictly set at “vote for the montage that you liked the most”, as there will be many categories to choose from. This means that even if you aren’t the best Halo player in the world you should still enter the contest! On top of that, we will be having a drawing after the submission deadline to award 3 random entries an automatic $25 prize! Everyone who enters the contest with a legitimate entry is eligible for this prize!

AMOUNT OF Entries Per Person:

Each person may enter TWO montages of their own creation into the contest for no entry fee. If you would like to enter any more than that, you will be required to donate $5 to the final prize pool for each video that you enter beyond the two video limit. This is to keep it easier to judge and vote in the end, as well as to not dilute the quality of the submissions by allowing a saturation of videos. That being said, we want as many videos as we can get, so if everyone went above that two video limit we would be ecstatic!


Donations from the community are encouraged and appreciated. If you would like to donate to the prize pool, please click the donate button at the bottom of this page. If you are a company that would like to donate goods or services to the prize pool, please contact us at Steve@HaloisBack.com. All donations are appreciated and go directly to the contestants of the HaloisBack Montage Contest 2017!





Random Entry Bonus - $15 (3 winners)

Special Category Bonuses - $20 Each



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