Halo 2 Vista Project Cartographer Setup Guide. Links & Info In Description  


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January 8, 2018 6:04 am --- FOR DOWNLOAD
Install / setup is from 0:01- 5:24 The rest is miscellaneous info. FoV: 6:27
Main site + Forums:
Github for source of the Project:
If you have a "d3x9.dll" missing error, download DirectX here:
If you have a ".NET Framework" error, please download .NET Framework here:
If you have a "msvcp120.dll does not exist" issue, please download Microsoft Visual C++ Redist here:
If using an Xbox One Controller and it does not work, download the drivers here:
Q: I already have a game disk or the game installed, how do I just get the Project?
A: Use the update patcher here:

Q: I can't see any games in the network server browser
A: Go to the Cartographer Guide and check for updates.
Q: I can't connect to a dedicated server
A: Its usually a server issue. Can also be caused if you have a dynamic IP from your ISP. Solved by a server restart.
Q: When I host a game, people are unable to join
A: Be sure TCP/UDP ports 2000 - 2009 are forwarded. Check Windows Firewall to be sure halo2.exe is not blocked on both inbound and outbound connections.
Q: My antivirus deleted the installer and or game.
A: Add these files to your antivirus' exclusions. The project files may be false positives, but are clean.
Q: How can I remap the controller buttons to bumper jumper or another layout not supported in game?
A: We recommend you use Durazno or x360ce to remap your controller buttons.
Q: Where do I install custom maps?
A: Place them in %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Halo 2/Maps. Be sure you select the Custom Maps tab in-game to see them.

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