1 Year – Halo 5 Montage

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1 Year – Halo 5 Montage
After 1 year of Halo 5 montaging I’ve come to this. I’ve never been more excited about uploading a montage, or as relieved. With this upload I show off only my BEST moments, featuring clips from all of my previous montages as well as plenty of new ones. As I said towards to end of the video i’m going back to one montage a week again (could be a regular tage, funny moments, etc). But i’m also going to be making some live commentaries again. I have plenty of experience with commentation so i’m not gunna sit around trying to think of something to say. 🙂 Thank you SO much for watching this montage, I think that I can say it’s my best. Here’s to the future!

Music –
– Take You Home Tonight
– Burner
– Take You Home

Past Montages –

Funny Moments Series –

Thanks for watching.
via YouTube https://youtu.be/rF3hrEeYkWM

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