UberNick – Halo 5 Montage “Turbulent”

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Heres it is.. Finally. Seven months in the making, mostly due to the epic stone spartan brawl introduction. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t express myself with editing, I’m so glad to have found my passion. I’d like to thank Nick for being the most patient human being on this planet, we originally planned to make a quick montage together, nothing special. But over time it just kept getting more and more grand, and I can honestly say that Nick has become one of my closest, bestest friends of all time. I’m so glad we decided to make this together. Programs used: Final Cut Pro x (general editing, sound design) After Effects (intense effects, motion tracking) Cinema4D (all 3D) TurbulenceFD (smoke, fire, explosion, plasma) x-Particles (molten rock) Magic Bullet Looks (all colour correcting) Other notable mentions: Red Giant Universe, ProPixel , ProShiver, ProGlitch, Sapphire Edge, mGlitch, mFire, mLeak, mDirt, mFlare.

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