Adversary :: Final Halo: Reach Montage

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10 years ago I created a Youtube account for the sake of making Runescape videos with friends. I never foresaw continuing to create and enjoy gaming videos at the age of 24. – WARNING – unnecessarily long and typical Adversary montage description ahead. Those who read get free skittles. I’m not entirely sure how I got here, but here’s my fourth and final Halo: Reach montage. All clips are since my last montage with the exception of the Headlong clip. I decided to go about this differently than my past major montages in terms of editing, as people seemed to like the chill last song to my Reach M3. It’s also easier on me editing, even though I did still spend a fair amount of time editing this. There’s a couple small editing quirks here and there but I couldn’t be bothered rendering this again. The songs: Blackmill – Home 4lienetic – Faint I wish I could have had a bit more variety in this, but Reach really took a nose dive after last summer in terms of lobbies for whatever reason. Rumble pit lobbies were extremely rare to come by even with free XBL weekends, and Reach snipes might be the most consistently tryhard thing I’ve ever seen. I could have played longer to get more clips, but I didn’t want to make another three song montage (I at first planned this to only be one song), and more importantly, I’m defending my 100-page thesis in 4 days and will soon be out into the real world of work. As some of you know, I got into Reach quite late as I had only montaged Halo 3 and CoD from 2008-2014. But three years ago I made my first true Reach video, a three-day montage in which I was enlightened to the above average lobbies in a game that I thought (and still believe) to start the end of the franchise. I said in the first line of that description, “Don’t expect this to become a thing”… but I guess it kind of did, thanks to a (relatively) high game population, Halo 4 not being a great montaging game, and the Halo 3 montaging era more or less ending for several reasons in 2014/2015. If only I was a little better at Reach and took advantage of more lobbies a few years ago while there were still quite a few in many playlists. I never really was able to get as good as I wanted in this game. Movement is different, and aiming has always felt a little strange. This was the only game I was never able to adapt to 10 sensitivity. It’s weird – if I were to take a break (week+) from Halo and jump back into it, I would have no problem re-acclimating to H2, H3, and H4, but Reach always took time. I’m not entirely done montaging, but this is my last big Halo montage that’s strictly one Halo. Any other good Halo clips I hit from here on out will be towards the final best-of everything (Halo and CoD) montage, whenever the hell that will come out. I don’t normally put out a thanks list, but I should thank my friends over at E&F and the rest of the Reach montaging community for inspiring me to montage (and in many cases, suffer through) this game for three years. Special thanks to the one and only applefanatic414 for going through just about every aspect of my mediocre editing skills. I guess that’s about it. I wonder if this description was longer than my thesis?

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