JTD Presents :: Halo Montage 3 :: Entitled “Don’t Mind The Design”

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Songs used in order: MNDSGN – Hiking / Fif Dim 20syl – Copycat Pretty Lights – Understand Me Now 20syl – Back and Forth Flume – Weekend – Remade by Hillbom (Check him out!: soundcloud.com/hillbombeats ) At last, it’s finally here. Today I very proudly present my third Halo montage, consisting of gameplay from both Halo 3 and Halo 5. The clips were achieved over more than a year, and a large sum of them required hours of learning, testing and executing the games’ various physics, techniques, and features which the developers, often unintentionally, left for us to discover and exploit. The editing was done over about a year’s period, however, the majority of it was done this last extremely stressful month. All of this resulted into these little less than 15 minutes of video, the single piece of work I have put more time and effort into than anything before. My pride largely stems from the credits sequence though, which showcases the real achievement here: getting to know a wide variety of fantastic individuals, all coming together to form such a supportive community. From skillful players to creative editors, from fans to critics, from leaders and organizers to enthusiastic participants, and from the occasional egos that spice things up, to the most humble people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. About a year ago I set a goal for myself to be a part of this group I’ve always looked up towards, and I’m genuinely happy to be able to say I succeeded in doing so. Of course I can’t write some soppy shit like that without highlighting the DMT boys. This group that originally started small around Venomz’ stream, but gradually grew, picking up some amazing people, and playing Halo the way it was designed to: having a great time with great friends. Thank you all for sharing countless hilarious and awesome moments, and a special thanks to Ant and Max, for capturing some of these and allowing us to forever be able to look back and smile. I love you guys. Now, what’s in it for the future for me and this channel? Well, first of I’ll be launching a series which will probably go under the name of “Don’t mind the Milk”, cause there’s no way I spend a year on a project and don’t milk it till there’s nothing left but dust lol. So far I’ve thought of sharing the raw clips, some unused cinematics (combined with the neat theater tricks required to get the angles), and maybe a director’s commentary if I feel confident enough. If you’ve read this far down and you have an idea along these lines, or want to see me upload anything specific like tutorials of some of the tricks (even though it’s not trev-level complex lol), let me know in the comments, or hit me up on twitter ( @JTDproject ) . Besides that, I am pretty much dry on clips now, but I don’t intend on quitting Halo just yet, I’m sure there’s tons left to discover, and who knows, maybe 343 will get actually deliver on a solid, fun, *_working_* Halo title at some point. Plus, I still want too continue editing, as soon as I thrash this piece of shit laptop and get something decent. So in conclusion, stick around to find out what’s next: subscribe for occasional halo content yo. That’s it for me today. Thank you all so much for watching. And remember to, at the very least, question the design. -JTD.

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