NicKZone & Kambi : “Hail Mary” : Halo 5 Dualtage

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Sup People! So about a week or two ago Kambi contacted me and asked if I had any clips over for a dualtage, we had been talking about making one for a while but never really got around to it until now. After a lot of thinking of what kind of songs we would use Kambi linked me the 2 songs that are in the tage. At first it was going to be like a leftover “ish” dualtage but after thinking about it we decided to use our main clips cause we thought our gameplays would complement each others. Anyways, I am very proud to to present this and I really hope you enjoy! Also a BIG shoutout to Kambi for allowing me to make this with him, make sure to go check out his channel: Music: Songs Of Water – 11 Miles Little India – Youngblood Twitter:

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