RUXS – HALO: MCC MONTAGE – 100% HARDCORE (HiB 2017 Montage Contest Entry)

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Additional thanks to: Deven Madman Firstly, the style I went for with this video is to make it seem as little like MCC as possible. Since the matchmaking system is a joke, I tried my hardest to include clips only on competent players, so I’d say at least 60-70% of the clips in this montage are on Teams of 4 searching Team Hardcore, while the rest are at the least of good players – 50s in HC MCC or 50s from MLG on 360. I was hoping this would give it a more competitive and legitimate feel. Secondly, the clips from this montage were collected during two stints of playing this game in 2017, since I bought my xbox one in March, and I divided it into two parts based on which clips were collected during each period of playing. As a result, the first part is mainly quite slow, with more leisurely style clips since I was mainly playing for the fun of competition, while the second part is more full on with a solid minute of sick clips at the end since I was primarily focused on getting clips during that time. Either way, montage making is very limited without a HDPVR so I tried to make the best of what I had, blending two different songs from the same album to make an interesting 7 minute montage – my favourite length. I never expected to make an MCC montage but I’m pleasantly surprised at how this came out. Lastly, I entered this into the 2017 Montage Contest because I wanted to contribute to anything that promotes montage making in 2017, as copyright and lack of population has really thinned the market. Anyway, peace out guys.

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