Cheesecake Halo: Reach Montage 3 – Edited by DoubleAA

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DOWNLOAD LINK: Well guys, here it is! Been a while since I’ve edited a reach tage, and this one was super fun! First off, huge shoutout to phil for letting me go in with this tage, both in editing and music choices. Now let me just say, his clips are sick af, and if Hardcore didn’t die off as fast as it did, he would have hit so much more shit, I just know it. Still, these clips are nasty, so be sure to give him all the love and support! Editing wise I had a lot of fun with this video! I tried to do some new things that I think turned out pretty cool, imo haha. I will be doing a breakdown video of everything that should hopefully come out pretty soon, but I will be streaming that breakdown right after this gets premiered! I hope you guys enjoy this video, I think I’ll be making even more tages now with the current world situation, so look out for more edits from me in the future! Also, huge shoutout to Chris (Apple) for the help with staging angles! GO GIVE PHIL SOME LOVE: My stuff: Song: It’s a Raid (Feat. Post Malone) – Ozzy Osbourne

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