Never Catch Me

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One all nighter and 7 botched renders later, it’s finally done. Here it is, my first H2 video in over a year. This video has been sitting unfinished on my computer for a couple of months now, and I’m glad to finally have gotten it out. In the last year I went through my first year of college and gradually grew more distant from Halo as I didn’t have the time or motivation to put out videos like I did in past years. I still have a lot of old gameplay saved up and I’ve been hitting more thanks to a global pandemic, so expect more down the line, however long that may be. Hopefully it wont be another year. Thanks to Blue and Execrated for angle help. Double thanks to Execrated for being the best tech support in the game, and helping me learn Resolve for this video. Also fuck you to Execrated for nagging me into putting this in the montage contest. (originally i wasnt going to until i added a certain transition lol) Song: Flying Lotus- Never Catch Me

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