The Last Mission – A Halo 3 Dualtage

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Howdy haawww! Very happy to release Levs and my final splash in the ocean of halo montages. Download: I started this video a long, long time ago as a sort of spiritual successor to Levs M4. 80% of the gameplay is Xbox 360 from 2011-13 days. The rest is from a quick dabble of MCC last year. Now something you may overlook is how the infared mode overkill is a prediction snipe due to lag. The spartan isn’t visible when Levs shoots… I just find it insane. *mind blows* Thanks to all peeps that have been with us on the journey. The sudden resurgence H3 PC has brought has been a blast. Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times. Now without further ado enjoy our super fast, rock heavy, nostalgia bomb of a montage. Peace out folks, Tun & Levs

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